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For today’s global organization, the need to translate content is a given, but translation processes are often managed separately from the platform you use to deliver your online content. 

With SDL Web, you manage your translations and translated content directly in your web authoring environment so you can reach your customers more quickly, in any language.

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Translations at the click of a button

Direct integration with SDL translation management solutions means that translation support is built right in. Your content authors can send your content through a translation process with support for review processes and approvals. 

SDL Web saves your translated content to the right location automatically, greatly simplifying translation and multilingual online content processes. No 'copy/paste' actions required!


  • Cheaper translations with SDL’s industry-leading translation solutions
  • Optimized SEO with localized search strategies
  • Faster processes through translation workflow and review
  • Translation reuse & cost reduction through translation memory
  • Optional machine translation for dynamic content


Built in translation workflows

Configure translation workflows that include editing and review steps for web editors, even while a translation is in progress. 

Translators can preview the content in-context. Since they can see how translated content is used, they can produce higher quality translations reducing the need for updates and changes.

Leverage translation memory

Because SDL Web uses componentized content, you only need to send new content for translation instead of entire pages. 

Updates to source content? Send the content back through translation and the system will use translation memory to translate only what’s changed.

Automate translation reuse

SDL Web stores its content in a hierarchy that automatically cascades content down to all channels, so translated content is added and updated simultaneously. 

You can reuse this translated content on any sites and digital channels that share languages.

Make it relevant for in-market customers

More than just translations, SDL Web lets you localize content to make it market appropriate or to adjust translations for specific dialects. 

You can also combine general translations with specific content to reach the specific needs of local markets.