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Creating a personal touch

Today, online customers decide if your content is what they’re looking for in a split second. Your ability to get their attention by providing relevant content makes all the difference. 

Gather and use customer information to deliver targeted content based on in-the-moment customer context with SDL Web's Experience Optimization. Real time personalization ensures you match content to customer profile information, browsing behavior and device.

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Personalized content delivery

Every aspect of your site—from content to promotions, and from search to navigation—can be tailored to let your customers know you understand them.
Apply progressive profiling
Build individual profiles based on a variety of data points like how a visitor has accessed your site, search terms, browser and location to create a 360 degree view of who each customer is.
Integrate your customer data
Use and share customer data between SDL Web and your CRM systems, web analytics and eCommerce application to use and enrich the customer data you already have.
Predict for real-time targeting
Combine individual customer data and ‘the wisdom of the crowd’ to predict the offers your customer will respond to. With each click, content gets more relevant.
Test and improve
Set up experiments to test different versions of content and design to find out what works. Built-in analytics identify the best performing version so you choose the most impactful content.


  • Automatically deliver relevant content
  • Use data to personalize the content your customer sees
  • Predict and deliver content based on customer behavior
  • Test and improve different versions of content
  • Increase repeat customer visits & lower bounce rates
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities 
  • Target campaigns across multiple channels
  • Increase conversion rates 
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