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What is SDL Web DXA?

SDL Web Digital Experience Accelerator (DXA) provides a quick-start foundation for web projects to decrease your website implementation time dramatically. 

A fully functional website implementation of SDL Web, it uses modern web standards and is based on years of best practice experience. You can use it as the basis of a new web implementation, to create smaller sites like campaign sites and as way to simplify SDL Web upgrades.

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Proven technology & open standards
DXA is based on the most current web standards. Using open source frameworks and toolkits. It is a fully documented MVC-based web application. Available in both .NET and Java versions.
Customizable HTML design
You can update the HTML design at any time using a single ZIP file with no impact to the web application. This provides flexibility and fast rollout for any updated brand elements.
An extensible framework
DXA is not only a ready-to-go web implementation but also a framework to which you can add community-developed accelerators for mobile, eCommerce, analytics, search and more.
Support for agency work
Using DXA, designers, developers and content authors can work independently during implementation for must faster web and content development processes.


  • Speed up your deployment time 
  • Eliminate unnecessary programming efforts 
  • Gain immediate access to up to 70% of the most common use cases 
  • Free up your resources to focus on custom requirements 
  • Tap into the community for free additional features