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Flexible deployment options

SDL Web’s decoupled architecture and REST-based microservices provide a modular setup so you can optimize performance and resources use by deploying system elements in different logical and physical locations.

You can deploy SDL Web on premise, using a hybrid model or in the cloud as a managed service. Tailor your deployment to support your existing infrastructure, security, privacy and other deployment considerations.

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On-premise, in the cloud and hybrid deployment options

On-Premise Deployment
You host SDL Web and manage backend software, patches, upgrades, web and mobile applications for direct control over all facets of your web properties.
Hybrid: Content Management as a Service

SDL manages content management and authoring tools in the cloud. You manage web applications, content delivery provisioning and microservices end-point provisioning.

Hybrid: Content as a Service

SDL hosts content management and the REST microservice end-points used by your web applications to retrieve content. Your applications consume content from the services we host.

Hybrid: Digital Experience as a Service

In addition to content management and microservices endpoint provisioning, SDL provisions the application servers.

Full Cloud Deployment: Digital Experience Plus as a Service

SDL fully provisions and manages your entire implementation including web applications, content delivery provisioning, microservices endpoints and content management environment.


  • Deployment flexibility for cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment 
  • Multi-zone cloud options for optimal data privacy and performance 
  • Flexible service levels for cloud and on premise
  • Up to fully managed 24x7 support 
  • ISO27001 certified cloud operations