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Launch global content faster with SDL Web

As a global business you need a web content management system (WCM) that delivers content worldwide, but meets the needs of local audiences. 

Use SDL Web (also known as SDL Tridion) to gain worldwide reach across all languages, mediums and touch points. The content management system scales to the growth of your business while improving your customer experiences with unprecedented relevance and speed.

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Create digital content that connects

Use a BluePrint for global content
Model your content, translations, brand elements and functionality to match your business objectives using our BluePrinting technology. By centralizing your content management you can reuse, adapt and synchronize content across channels, brands and markets to scale your content as you grow.
Speak your customers’ language
We know that creating global impact is about being personal. With SDL Web, content translation is built right in allowing you to manage, automate and distribute translated and localized content across channels so your customers have a locally relevant experience.
Deliver an experience they’ll remember
Use your customer profiles and customer data to deliver richly personalized content using SDL Experience Optimization for real-time, predictive modeling that adapts to your visitors' online behavior.
Bring global multimedia content to life
Images and video bring your brand to life. SDL Web matches your content medium to the right language and format with automatic device detection, media optimization and localization.

Discover SDL Web

  • Web & mobile content authoring, preview & publishing 
  • In-context authoring 
  • Componentized content & simplified content reuse 
  • Single-click content translation 
  • Targeting & personalization
  • Multichannel delivery 
  • Instant Site for fast time to market for campaign sites 
  • Long-term content and site consistency 
  • Rich media management 
  • Powerful integration through open APIs and standards

Made for IT agility

Deployment options

SDL Web’s decoupled architecture, REST-based microservices and modular setup means you deploy on-premise, in the cloud or using a hybrid model for ultimate agility.

Digital Experience Accelerator (DXA)

SDL Web’s Digital Experience Accelerator (DXA) provides a quick-start foundation for web projects to decrease your website implementation time dramatically.

Suggested products

SDL WorldServer:
  • Define, launch and view translation projects within SDL Web 
  • Review translated content in-context 
  • Speed up translation with integrated workflows 
  • Eliminate error-prone copy/paste of translated text

Learn more

SDL Knowledge Center:
  • Create and manage multilingual technical documentation 
  • Adopt a structured content management approach 
  • Delivery technical documentation across channels 
  • Apply the DITA standard

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