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XPP Adaptive Publishing

Quickly and easily create high-quality output in virtually any format with SDL XPP, the industry's premier XML publishing solution.

Using XPP you can automate the publishing workflow, composition and pagination of content from multiple data sources including PostScript, Adobe Acrobat PDF and ePubs, as well as XML, SGML, database feeds, and any ASCII-tagged data source. 

The XPP XML publishing engine can fully automate end-to-end publishing workflows from receiving multi-sourced data through to combining it into a complete deliverable.

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Automate publishing processes

Relying on manual processes can complicate the production of high-volume publications. 

SDL XPP can automate those processes, enabling you to ensure rapid turnaround, smooth input of text and graphics from multiple sources, quality output in a variety of languages and consistent branding.

Streamline complex workflows

Used as a standalone solution, or integrated with SDL Contenta, SDL XPP provides a comprehensive end-to-end, multilingual XML publishing solution. 

It also integrates well with other applications, allowing you to add an automated, back-end publishing feature to a web or structured-content management system, enterprise application, portal or other web-oriented solution.


  • Direct-to-PDF removes the need for a separate distiller
  • Automated rules-based graphic, brand and text placement
  • Highly configurable support for complex documents
  • Automated loose-leaf publishing
  • Page-oriented database for confined composition
  • CSS for style creation and reuse
  • Interactive editing for last-minute changes
  • Quality tolerances to identify composed pages that don’t meet standards