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Multimedia speaks a thousand words…

Give your customers a rich content experience by integrating multimedia content in your technical communication. 

With SDL Knowledge Center you can enrich your documentation with centrally stored multimedia assets. Provide your customers with a truly interactive experience by building interactive assistance into your digital product documentation.

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  • Simultaneous multichannel distribution 
  • Easy subtitle addition and translation 
  • Intelligent format transcoding 
  • Interactive overlays 
  • Long-term multimedia maintenance
  • Sychronized updates


Deliver multimedia in context
More than just inserting a multimedia file, SDL Knowledge Center lets you upload multiple options for different contexts. When a customer views your content, they view the best possible version of the content for their device.
Optimize the experience
Content creators can crop and resize images, take fragments of video or audio files and transcode multimedia content for different channels, screens and devices. SDL Knowledge Center automatically delivers the right format using built-in publishing options.
Make multimedia global
SDL Knowledge Center lets you localize backslides, subtitles and translated voiceovers, reducing the cost of multilingual multimedia.
Create interaction
You can include elements like forms, links, download buttons and more to enrich self-service with interaction.