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Deliver personalized documentation

SDL Knowledge Center delivers personalized documentation based on your customer's language preference, interests and purchases. 

You can render XML dynamically in a browser, so the visitor views content, which is filtered on metadata or other sources in your delivery framework. It can reflect your customer's purchase, device and other preferences.

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  • Out-of-the-box DITA support
  • Integrated topic-based social sharing
  • Unlimited delivery channels, including mobile apps, websites & traditional formats like PDFs
  • Automated device formatting for smartphones, tablets and PCs


Integrate with your self-service portals
You can integrate your content with any of your digital service or customer support frameworks, giving your customers and support agents easy access to the latest content.
Provide intelligent search
Your customers can filter content based on its rich tags and metadata. When combined with customer profiles and preferences, the best search results always appear first.
Share on social channels
You and your customers can share any topic with peers, forums or social networks, providing your community of users with easy access to support content.
Deliver mobile-ready content
Your customers can access content on the go on any mobile device. SDL Knowledge Center provides out-of-the-box mobile delivery to any device.